Technology (beta page)


Werco takes pride in its depth of technology. Beginning with our origin, we have extensive welding knowledge and take pride in our hydraulics expertise. Through our personnel and our international affiliates, we command a plethora of knowledge and engineering capability in advanced hybrid materials including Fiber-Metal Laminates, ARALL and Glare. We possess expert capabilities in the use of these hybrid materials, as well as honeycomb panels, in developing and manufacturing advance lightweight structures.

Advanced hybrid materials provide an outstanding combination of mechanical and engineering properties. When properly designed into a structure, weight savings of over 30% are typical combined with significant reduction of damage.

Our technology places us in a position to design and build blast proof products and assemblies that are resistant to impact, corrosion, and fatigue. Our experience also extends into advanced manufacturing techniques to produce components resulting in significant life-cycle cost savings for our customers.

Our patented “high toughness” products are an excellent solution for impact prone areas of aircrafts and military vehicles. Werco’s experienced engineers work to develop light weight, high performance products to meet our customer’s requirements.