Explosion Proof TSO/TSA Containers

Werco has advanced the viability of light weight, cost effective, blast containment and protection by applying the knowledge, experience and proprietary technology we have accumulated over the past 25+ years toward the development of blast proof products. Our patented advanced hybrid materials demonstrate exceptional blast containment capability and are outstanding for the construction of blast resistant products. The hybrid materials have been used in the construction of a hardened LD3 luggage container proven by Transportation Security Administration testing to contain a blast comparable to the magnitude of the bomb that destroyed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.
Our advanced laminates can also be used for the design and construction of hardened structures where blast and fragmentation mitigation is required. Such products include hardened shelters, blast walls, military vehicle components, battery cases, etc.
Our “high toughness” products are also an excellent solution for impact prone areas of aircraft and military vehicles. Werco’s experienced engineers work with our customers to help design light weight, high performance products to meet customer requirements.