Core Competencies

Core Competencies



  • Extensive experience in design, machining, fabrication, and maintenance of metallic and composite bonded honeycomb components and structures
  • Fabrication of metallic and composite bonded honeycomb panels
  • Stretching of aluminum core slices
  • Machining capabilities on honeycomb panels as well as honeycomb core
  • Experience on the honeycomb components as well as the composite components for several aircraft and simulation programs

Engineering / Reverse Engineering / Inspection

  • We utilize Leica laser trackers, CATIA, Solidworks, MasterCam and Verisurf to create a quality product suited to our customers’ needs.
  • Detailed quality inspections and First Article Inspections per customer requirements
  • Our engineering capabilities were designed to enhance our customer’s overall experience with Werco. Throughout conceptual and preliminary design, analysis, multi configuration approach, color and texture applications and structural analysis, we work closely with our customer to ensure the product being designed meets every specification required.

Tooling / Vacuum Forming / Fixtures

  • Build-to-print or custom design to customer specifications
  • Large and small assembly fixtures, complex holding fixtures and tooling
  • Metallic and composite bond tools
  • Non-dimensional check fixtures
  • Tooling repair/refurbishment
  • Vacuum tooling- both positioning and layup


Composite Materials

  • Werco has experience in fabricating parts made from various composite materials including carbon fiber, E- glass, Fiberglass, Kevlar and FML (Fiber Metal Laminate) products
  • Honeycomb sandwich panels from a wide range of materials such as aluminum, and fiberglass/nomex and other materials.
  • Vast knowledge using FML (Fiber Metal Laminate) material for production parts
  • Produced the prototype for the fuel door of the KC-146



  • Werco welders are certified to per industry standards and have extensive industry experience
  • Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG)
  • Metal inert gas welding (MIG)
  • Aluminum, carbon, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, and other exotic metals
  • We can accommodate both large and small assemblies



  • Machining capabilities on both honeycomb panels and core
  • Broad range of precision machining capabilities, including 3 and 5 axis CNC milling & turning with electronic data interface
    • Mori Seiki MV653
    • Takisawa MCV Super
    • Bridgeport VMC 760
    • OKK KCV1000-5AX
  • An extensive line up of manual machines
  • Capable of producing precision machine parts


5-Axis Router

  • Onstrud CNC Router
  • 10 ft. x 30 ft. vacuum table
  • Allows for precision machining on large parts


Laser Cutting

  • We utilize two Trumpf laser cutters
  • 60” x 120” tables
  • Can cut materials up to ¾” thick


Fabrication / Assembly

  • Complex structures using honeycomb, composites, alum, steel, and other
  • Composite components for aircraft programs such as the E-6, E-4, 757, 767, and KC-146
  • We have also fabricated many structures to support the installation, transportation, and on-site assembly for many aircraft systems



  • Knowledge of paints and specifications used in all areas of the aerospace industry as well as other industries
  • 16’ x 40’ paint booth
  • Full powder coating capabilities