Legacy Jet Center is the newest state-of-the-art aviation facility and full-service FBO at Tulsa International Airport. Expect the finest amenities and customer service for passengers and crew. Their centralized location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, only minutes from downtown is ideal for corporate and personal travel across the continental United States. Located conveniently on the runway, Legacy provides unparalleled facilities and service.
AeroHybrids, LLC is a partnership between Werco Manufacturing and GTM of The Hague, Netherlands specializing in development and manufacturing of high performance products based on advanced engineered hybrids. The company combines intellectual property on advanced hybrid materials and manufacturing knowledge for the development and marketing of aircraft, military, and security products where the attributes of these advanced materials offer significant cost and performance benefits to its customers. AeroHybrids has tremendous depth of experience in research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of fiber-metal laminates.